Ars vase - decoration "High Summer" (Tamara de Lempicka Collection

2,490.00 zł
Designer: Adam Spała
Designed in: 2022
Author of decoration: Tamara de Lempicka
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Every figurine is carefully handmade in the finest quality English porcelain before being decorated again by hand.

The product has a special protection in the form of underglaze and overglaze marks. The products manufactured in our factory have, among others, factory logo on the bottom

Products made in AS Cmielow  Porcelain Manufactory are very well protected against counterfeiting. Thanks to applied characteristic logo, and additional security of the pink seals all products can be easily identified. Special preparation of the porcelain mass – adding of 16 chemical constituents in well-defined, protected secret proportions, allows to obtain the unique color of porcelain.


Each figurine is numbered. The number is composed of three different numbers which mean: catalog number, sequence number of the product produced in a given year, the year of production. 

The figurine comes complete with a certificate of authenticity showing the sculpture number, the year of the original design and the name of the sculptor. 


All products are wrapped in paper / tissue paper and packed in a dedicated, elegant gift box and are ready to be presented as a unique gift perfect for any occasion.

Data sheet

Adam Spała
Designed in
Author of decoration
Tamara de Lempicka