Animals are the largest group in the figurine porcelain collection. You can find porcelain dogs, cats, birds, exotic animals, forest creatures, and domestic ones.

"Relaxing Cat" is one of the most recognizable cat representations in the collection. It was designed by Mieczysław Naruszewicz in 1958. This sculpture embodies the quintessential features attributed to cats - slender silhouette, grace, and flexibility. The black paint, partially "picked out," and stripes on the tail add elegance to the figurine. It is one of the few designs from the mid-20th century that utilizes openwork (by connecting the end of the tail to the hind leg).

This figurine, like the other porcelain cats in the AS Ćmielów collection, is synthetic and very minimalist in its details. However, they are highly suggestive in their expression, emphasizing all the associations related to cats - their long bodies in characteristic, arched poses accurately capture the most basic feline forms, such as the arch that can be seen on a cat's back every day.

In the manuffactory, products are made in a traditional manner, i.e., hand-cast in gypsum molds, safeguarded against forgery, then cleaned, glazed, and hand-decorated. Each figurine has a unique number, which is entered into a certificate of authenticity. The finished products are packed in dedicated boxes.

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Relaxing cat
Aliquip ex ea commodo
Aliquip ex ea commodo


1,490.00 zł

One of the most recognizable porcelain sculptures. Cat figurine impresses with its slender and gentle line.