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Owl by Józef Wilkoń - porcelain figurine
Owl by Józef Wilkoń -...
Owl by Józef Wilkoń -...
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1,800.00 zł

The unique porcelain figurine created by Józef Wilkoń is inspired by his sculptures made of wood and sheet metal in the artist's created bestiary - "The Wilkoń Ark" – featuring fish, birds, bats, and many other animals.

On the porcelain surface of the figurine, we can observe that beneath the glaze, it appears as if carved wood, as if shaped with an axe. The Porcelain Owl seems to be composed of two wooden trunks and attached smaller elements.

The figurine is hand-painted with ceramic paints and 24-carat liquid gold (eyes and beak).

On the back of the figurine, Józef Wilkoń's signature is transferred to the porcelain using the serigraphy method.