Lotos cup- "My Portrait (in Green Bugatti)"

The "Tamara de Lempicka" collection consists of four porcelain mugs and two cups and two vases, each with one of the artist's most famous paintings.

299.00 zł
Designer: Adam Spała
Designed in: 2015
Height (mm): 85
capacity (ml): 230
Diameter: 75
Author of decoration: Tamara de Lempicka
Waiting time: 5 business days.

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In its issue of October 3rd, 1928, the very widely read weekly "Vu" published a cover picture by Kertèsz, featuring a young lady at the wheel of a sports car. The picture caption specified that the model's sports outfit, her gloves and her leather cap, were all from Hermès. Lempicka wears exactly the same accessories in her self-portrait, which was obviously inspired by the Kertèsz photo.

The green Bugatti in the famous "Self-portrait" was, in fact, a Renault. Moreover, it was yellow, if we are to believe the recollections of her daughter. Be that as it may, Lempicka was irresistibly seductive at its wheel, so much so that she caught the eye of the woman editor of a major German fashion magazine, Die Dame. This fruitful encounter subsequently provided Lempicka with opportunities to be featured on many cocirca of the magazine, greatly contributing to the spread of her reputation. (according to Passion by Design, The Art and Times of Tamara de Lempicka, op.cit.)


Every cup  is carefully handmade in the finest quality English porcelain before being decorated again by hand.

The product has a special protection in the form of underglaze and overglaze marks. The products manufactured in our factory have, among others, factory logo on the bottomProducts made in AS Cmielow Porcelain Manufactory are very well protected against counterfeiting.


The mug comes complete with a certificate of authenticity showing the year of the original design and the name of the sculptor. 


All products are packed in a dedicated, elegant gift box and they are ready to be presented as a unique gift - perfect for every occasion!

Data sheet

Adam Spała
Designed in
Height (mm)
capacity (ml)
Author of decoration
Tamara de Lempicka

Adam Spała

He was born in 1956.

Adam Spała is the 12th owner of AS Cmielow Porcelain Manuactory. 

For many years, he has been designing and creating porcelain works.

For many years, he has been designing and creating porcelain works. His inspirations are: the surrounding world and travels.

He designed the Angelic Orchestra, Cat Orchestra, Jewish Orchestra, porcelain figurines of cats in the characteristic square style. He also created a figurine of the Pink Flamingo, made of pink porcelain.

Thanks to the efforts of Adam Spała, he managed to establish cooperation with Lubomir Tomaszewski - an artist who created new designs of  porcelain sculptures for the factory.

Establishing contact with Zofia Kryńska resulted in the reconstruction of the pink porcelain recipe by the factory, after more than 70 years of interruption in its production.

Thanks to the hard work and huge passion of porcelain Adam Spała, in cooperation with the best artists and modelers, he recreated the original porcelain Matilda Website (with a characteristic square foot). This set was made in Ćmielów on the order of Carol Nicholas II for the Polish prima ballerina Matylda Krzemińska.

He is the initiator and founder of the first Living Porcelain Museum in Poland in Ćmielów (2005).