Easter egg - decoration Easter eggs in a basket (decal)

189.00 zł
Designer: Adam Spała
Width (mm): 55
Height (mm): 95

Data sheet

Adam Spała
Width (mm)
Height (mm)

Adam Spała

He was born in 1956.

Adam Spała is the 12th owner of the AS Ćmielów Porcelain Factory and the creator of emerald porcelain.

For many years, he has been designing and creating porcelain works. He draws inspiration from the surrounding world and travels. He has designed, among others, the Angel Orchestra, the Cat Orchestra, the Jewish Orchestra, and porcelain figurines of cats in his characteristic square style. He also created the Pink Flamingo figurine, made of pink porcelain.

Thanks to Adam Spała's efforts, cooperation was established with Lubomir Tomaszewski - an artist who created new designs for porcelain sculptures for the factory.

Establishing contact with Zofia Kryńska resulted in the factory reproducing pink porcelain, after over 70 years of hiatus in its production, and in 2021 he developed the recipe for emerald porcelain.

Through hard work and immense passion for porcelain, Adam Spała, in collaboration with the best artists and modelers, recreated the original Matylda Porcelain Service (with its characteristic square base). This set was made in Ćmielów on the order of Tsar Nicholas II for the Polish prima ballerina Matylda Krzemińska.

He is the initiator and founder of the first Porcelain Living Museum in Ćmielów, Poland (established in 2005).