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Easter egg hand-painted (bell flowers with butterfly decoration)

Handmade and hand-decorated porcelain eggs - Easter eggs with bell flowers with butterfly decoration.

Painting on ordered porcelain eggs may slightly differ from those presented in the photos, as it is hand decoration (not decal) done by a painter freehand, making each decoration unique.

The egg comes with a hanger and ribbon. Each one is packaged in a dedicated box along with a certificate of authenticity.

319.00 zł
Designer: Adam Spała
Width (mm): 55
Height (mm): 95
Waiting time about: 10 business days

Hand-painted porcelain Easter egg in a bell flowers with butterfly  decoration

Hand-painted porcelain eggs are an excellent example of combining craftsmanship tradition with exceptional artistic refinement. Their uniqueness lies in precision of execution and in their one-of-a-kind decorations. These exceptional works of art are hand-cast from the highest quality porcelain and then carefully adorned using ceramic paints.

What makes hand-painted porcelain eggs so special? It's not just their beautiful appearance, but also the fact that each one is unique. Hand painting ensures that no two eggs are identical, making them highly valued collector's items.

These eggs, available in various patterns and styles, bring a unique charm of spring into the home. Their decorations often evoke motifs of nature, such as flowers, birds, or butterflies, awakening feelings of joy and optimism that accompany this beautiful time of year.

Among the available options, you can also find eggs adorned with geometric patterns, giving them a modern, minimalist look. These patterns, although interpreted differently, still maintain the unique delicacy and elegance characteristic of porcelain products.

Please note that the decorations made may different from those shown in the photos as they are hand-painted by our artists.

If you would like the artist to create a different decoration on the porcelain egg (a motif not shown in the photos), please indicate in the comments that you would like the egg to have a different decoration than shown on the website. Based on the request, we will provide a quote for implementing such a motif.


Each product is handmade from the highest quality porcelain and then hand-decorated with various Easter-Spring motifs.

The products manufactured in our factory bear the factory logo.


The product comes with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY, which contains information about the handcrafting and decoration, as well as information about the product (name, designer's name, year of design). In the case of figurines, the certificate also includes a unique product number (assigned according to the factory's marking system).


All products are wrapped in company paper and packed in dedicated, elegant gift boxes, ready to be presented as a unique gift - perfect for any occasion!

Hand-painted Easter egg - catkins.

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Adam Spała
Width (mm)
Height (mm)