Cocker Spaniel

559.00 zł
Designer: Wincenty Potacki
Designed in: 1965
Catalogue number: 313
Width (mm): 55
Height (mm): 120
Lenght (mm): 145
Waiting time: 30 business days


Data sheet

Wincenty Potacki
Designed in
Catalogue number
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Lenght (mm)

Wincenty Potacki

B. 1904 in Warsaw, d. 2001 in Wrocław. A graduate of the Municipal School of Decorative Arts and Painting in Warsaw. In the pre-war period (1935-39) he worked in a porcelain factory in Ćmielów and in its factory in Chodzież (1939). In the years 1947-1949 associated with the Porcelain Factory "Wałbrzych" in Wałbrzych, then in the years 1949-1950 with the Jawor's "Karolina". In the years 1950-1955 he worked as a teacher at the Ceramic Museum in Bolków. From 1955 in Ćmielów, where he worked until his retirement in 1991. Author of dozens of website designs, including the "Feston" produced to this day. The most popular models designed by Potacki in the 1960s include "Krokus" and "Goplana" coffee services. In the 1970s he prepared reconstruction of the historical Rococo-Sèvres website based on the objects preserved in the collections of museums. At that time, he also designed the "Romantica" and "Pompadur" websites referring to the relief decoration and paintings to rococo style. Patterns designed by Potacki were repeatedly awarded at trade fairs, including in the "Nice - Good - Wanted" competition at the National Fair in Poznań.