Porcelain painting "British Monkey"

Porcelain painting "British Monkey"

Porcelain painting "British Monkey"

  • DesignerAdam Spała
  • Designed in2004
  • Height (mm)410
  • Lenght (mm)310

Stanisław Ożóg designed the "Signs of the Zodiac" collection for porcelain.

The series of 12 signs of the zodiac refers to a series of erotics created by the artist on porcelain paintings. Every sign of the zodiac is a woman, because as the artist himself says his works are created "in tribute to the beauty of the interior and the body of a woman". Economical line, finely painted with a brush, leaves room for creative guess recipient.

The graphics transferred to the porcelain plate is made using a serigraphic method.

Before binding the picture, a dedication can be placed at the back.

After binding, it is not possible to make and maintain a dedication.

Usually, the paintings are framed in thick brown frames. On request, we can frame the picture in a different color of the frames or the frames can be quite simple.

andmade porcelain plateau with a pattern designed by Kazimierz Czuba. Graphics made using silk-screened, then hand-painted ceramic paint and 24-carat gold.

In addition, oval platters are painted with 24-carat gold.

On the front or back of the dish, it is possible to place a manual dedication made with liquid gold.

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