The exhibition 'White Gold. Józef Wilkoń" is a meeting with an exceptional artist whose talents have always fascinated and moved the hearts of many art lovers. Józef Wilkoń, known for his extensive body of work as a painter, surprises us this time with something completely new - a combination of his unique painting technique with the delicate world of porcelain.

The works, hitherto never before presented, shown on platters and porcelain plates, are a real feast for the senses. The artist transforms porcelain into a unique canvas on which his imagination blossoms. It is the meeting of two worlds of art: painting and porcelain, which together create harmony and uniqueness.

The exhibition "White Gold. Józef Wilkoń", is a presentation of unique works of art that are linked to the tradition of porcelain and the extraordinary talent of the artist Józef Wilkoń.

The exhibition plans to present an extensive collection of paintings and porcelain platters, which have been extremely precisely painted by Wilkoń himself. Painting on porcelain by the artist is an artistic process that differs from traditional media such as canvas or paper.

One of the more fascinating elements of the exhibition will also be the presentation of the works of Józef Wilkoń, which include not only paintings, but also unique porcelain figurines by the artist and, above all, a porcelain desk decorated with porcelain plates painted by Wilkoń.

Works painted by Józef Wilkoń on porcelain have never before been presented to the public. This is a unique experience which will allow visitors to explore the secrets of the art of painting on the delicate and extremely subtle surface of porcelain.

The vernissage will be combined with an exhibition of the artist's works.

The vernissage will take place on: 13 April 2024

Opening: 16:00


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