May special offer when buying two or three products.

Buying 2 products for the second (cheapest) product in the cart you will receive a 10% discount , and when buying the 3rd one for the cheapest one 20% discount.

The price of the cheapest product in the cart will be automatically reduced when the conditions of the promotion are met:

  • Required code: yes
  • when buying 2 products the code is MAJOWKA10
  • when adding to the cart min. 3 products the code is MAJOWKA20.
  • Minimum order value: none
  • Minimum number of products in the cart: 2products (for code MAJOWKA10) or 3 (for code MAJOWKA20).
  • Products excluded from the offer: Collector's Club card, limited edition products, coffee/tea services, sets of mugs and cups at promotional prices, magnets, books, hand-dedication (added as a separate item to the cart)
  • Duration from April 27 to May 5, 2024
  • Offer does not combine with other promotions (e.g., purchase of products covered by another promotion or in sets or newsletter sign-up)
  • One person can use the offer several times

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