If you wish to make the product more special, we can include a handwritten dedication on it. The dedication is an additional service, and the cost depends on the length of the inscription.

The time needed for its execution and engraving is 3-4 working days (except for images framed, where the time for placing the inscriptions includes framing the image).

You should provide the dedication content in the appropriate field when ordering a product (and confirm with the save button) or in the order message, along with information about where it should be placed.

Please consider your dedication options carefully, as products with inscriptions are personalized and not eligible for returns.

On some products (especially smaller figurines), there may not be enough space to include a dedication. In such cases, this service is not available for the given product.

If the location for the dedication is not specified, the artist will choose the most aesthetic way to place the content.

The fonts are handcrafted by the artist - we do not have a font catalog. If you would like the dedication to be executed in a more decorative or simpler font, please provide such information.


  • For dedications on cups decorated with gold or platinum, we use liquid gold or high-carat platinum, respectively.
  • For figurines decorated with ceramic paints (without gold elements), we use ceramic paints for dedications (this decoration is more consistent with the product).



A monogram is a letter or several letters artistically connected, used as a signature or ownership mark. The monogram's letters can be the initials of a person or a company name. Monogram letters should be decorative, but moderately so, as the primary feature of a monogram is readability, followed by ornamentation.

Monograms look elegant on cup saucers and in the center of saucers (where cups are placed).


This is a longer version of a dedication that can be placed on products with a larger surface.

Only on large figurines such as Zakochana Asia, Opiekunka - Anioł Uzdrowiciel, Żubr is it possible to place a dedication from 6 to 12 words.

On most figurines, we can include a monogram or a dedication up to 6 words.

For cups, it is possible to separate the dedication by placing a monogram or a name/names on the cup and additional content (e.g., date, Golden Anniversary, 60 years) in the center of the saucer or closer to the edge. Placing longer content is suggested under the saucers to maintain an elegant appearance.


On the figurines, dedications are placed:

  • under the figurine next to numbers and logos,
  • at the back of the figurine (e.g., an angel from the Angelic Orchestra, Figurine Together, Golfer, and others where placing the inscription under the figurine is not possible).

Depending on the size of the surface available on the figurine, inscriptions can take the form of initials, monograms, names, dates, as well as longer texts such as wishes. Options available for products include monogram, dedication up to 6 words, dedication 7 - 12 words.

If this option is not available for a product, it means that there is no possibility to make a dedication on that particular item.


For porcelain mugs with decal, we can include a dedication:

  • under the product (if all sides are decorated);
  • a small inscription between decorations (slightly inclined or vertically close to the handle);

instead of one of the decorations, leaving one side without decoration and placing the inscription there (possible if the mug does not come from an author's collection, where the decoration is approved from above).

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