Girl at her First Ball (cobalt, underglaze) - decoration grapes

Figurine Girl at her first bal is a great example of changes in the consciousness of the perceiver recipient porcelain figurines as ornamental trinkets to the rank of small works of art perfectly enrolling in a modern interior.

The perfect gift for collectors as well as a perfect business gift.

2,099.00 zł
Designer: Eryka Trzewik-drost
Designed in: 1962
Catalogue number: 82
Width (mm): 135
Height (mm): 220
Lenght (mm): 115

AS Ćmielów Porcelain Manufactory specializes mainly in onglaze painting of porcelain products - decoration is applied after glazing and re-firing. The figurine  Girla at her first ball (after the Cobalt Amphora) is the first porcelain figurine decorated with this technique.
The artist Monika Szczygieł made a unique decoration on the porcelain figurine


The technique of decorating porcelain was invented around the 12th century.

Underglaze is a method of decorating porcelain in which painted decoration is applied to the surface before it is covered with a transparent ceramic glaze and fired in a kiln The patterns are painted with a paint based on cobalt oxide, which after firing at high temperature gives beautiful shades of blue and navy blue. Then the cobalt pattern is covered with a transparent glazel, which protects the painting, gives shine and makes the product resistant to dirt.

Since the cobalt pattern is under the glaze, it will never be washed off and will retain its original colors as long as the item survives.


A beautiful figure in a ball costume with a raised left hand invites you to dance. The woman with her right hand lifts slightly the edge of the dress.

The figurine is quite a large form but thanks to the adequately preserved proportions - slender waist, long neck, delicate hand line and openwork that create the right hand and hair tied in a "ponytail" - it seems incredibly shapely.

The decoration in black stripes perfectly emphasizes the shape of the form. This is one of the most difficult to decorate, requires great precision and great patience. It is painted in three stages - first the painter adorns one part of the figurine, then waits for the ceramic paint to dry to start working on the other side of the sculpture.

On the figurine can be placed an inscription (underneath the figurine)

The figurine is often chosen for a gift for porcelain lovers. 
It will be also an ideal gift for beginner collectors.


Porcelain figurine is carefully handmade in the finest quality English porcelain before being decorated again by hand.

The product has a special protection in the form of underglaze and overglaze marks. The products manufactured in our factory have, among others, factory logo on the bottom

Products made in AS Cmielow  Porcelain Manufactory are very well protected against counterfeiting. Thanks to applied characteristic logo, and additional security of the pink seals all products can be easily identified. Special preparation of the porcelain mass – adding of 16 chemical constituents in well-defined, protected secret proportions, allows to obtain the unique color of porcelain.


Each figurine is numbered. The number is composed of three different numbers which mean: catalog number, sequence number of the product produced in a given year, the year of production. 

The figurine comes complete with a certificate of authenticity showing the sculpture number, the year of the original design and the name of the sculptor. 


All products are wrapped in special paper and packed in a dedicated, elegant gift box and are ready to be presented as a unique gift.


Data sheet

Eryka Trzewik-drost
Designed in
Catalogue number
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Lenght (mm)

Eryka Trzewik-Drost

born: November 19, 1931 in Peace

Artist, designer of industrial designs.

In 1951, she began studies at the Faculty of Ceramics of the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw under the direction of Stanisław Dawski. After defending her diploma in 1957, she started working at Zakłady Porcelitu Bogucice, where for seven years she was a designer of functional ceramics. The classic Polish porcelain has been designed by her dinner services.

In 1966, she started working at the Design Center of the Glass Factory in Ząbkowice in Ząbkowice Będzińskie, where she created decorative utility glass. She created many projects together with her husband Jan Sylwester Drost, specializing in sets made of pressed glass.


To make the product more unique, we can place a manual inscription on it.

The text of the inscription should be given in the message to the order together with information about the place o the item.

The inscriptions are made in handwriting. If you have suggestions that the inscription should be made in a more simple font, or just a couch, please also let us know.

 inicjał pisanie.jpg  dedykacja na zakochanej asi reczna.jpg
   dedykacja golfista.jpg


All products are wrapped in special paper and packed in a dedicated, elegant gift box.

For the Relaxing cat figurine we have a wooden box. Such packaging is additionally payable and to be carried out on request.

In the case of shipment of the product via the courier, the packed product is additionally placed in the transport packaging.

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