Gordon Setter

699.00 zł
Designer: Krzysztof Śliwka
Designed in: 2020
Catalogue number: 453
Width (mm): 30
Height (mm): 85
Lenght (mm): 260
waiting time about 15 business days

Designs of porcelain sculptures are often created under the influence of emotions and admiration for a given form. This was also the case with the new porcelain dog model.


We present to you a new figure of Gordon the Scottish Setter. The inspiration for the figurine is the dog Rado, owned by Mr. Jarosław Dzięsław.


Rado is Champion of many countries, but the most important titles worth mentioning are: Club winner at World Dog Show Milano 2015, Reserve Placement at Crufts 2020 in Birmingham.


The artist, sculptor and painter Krzysztof Śliwka (born in 1965) undertook the creation of this unique dog design. This model is the first pattern developed by the designer and implemented in the AS Ćmielów Porcelain Factory. The most complicated thing was to simplify the pattern (aiming for the style that was developed at the IWP), so that the porcelain sculpture would also emphasize the features characteristic of dogs of this breed.


After receiving the finished design, employees began preparations for its implementation. The mother form was created first. Then, tests were carried out, and after making corrections, the preparation of working molds and casting of porcelain figurines began. Although the project was created in mid-2020, due to the difficult times of the pandemic and the need to work in a slightly different reality, the first figurines were made at the beginning of this year.


The Scottish Setter Gordon is a large dog with a proud and noble appearance. Its head is deep, the stop is clearly marked. The large, wide nose is black. The long ears are set low and lie close to the head. The straight tail, sometimes slightly saber-shaped, is thick at the base and tapers towards the end. The limbs are strong and muscular.


The form of the dog figurine refers to the posture typical of hunting dogs, the so-called standing. It involves maintaining stillness with the front paw raised and bent, the body stretched out and the tail stationary, parallel to the ground. The head and nose are directed towards the game.

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