Decorative plate "National dances - Mazur"


Decorative plate "National dances - Mazur"

599,00 zł
  • DesignerK. S. Wolski
  • Height (mm)280
  • Lenght (mm)230

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Handmade porcelain oval decorative plate from a series presenting national dances.

Mazur - Polish national dance at a lively pace and 3/4 or 3/8 meters. The popularity of the mazurka among the salon dances falls on the 19th century. He was known and danced all over Europe, and in France he was called a mazurka (in the feminine version). Mazur is similar to the quadrille, because his figures were laid by tancmistrzów inspired by the figures of the quadrille and contredanse. Depending on the size of the room Mazur dance with an appropriate set of figures, names: circular, tents, chain, arcade.

Graphics made with the use of a serigraphic method. The author of the graphic is K. S. Wolski

In addition, oval platters are painted with 24-carat gold.

On the front or back of the plate, it is possible to place a manual dedication made with liquid gold.

The plate can be placed or hung (option without or with a pendant at the back).

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