Penguins - pair (colours)

The penguin is a beautiful and caring animal. It is a symbol of community and family.

Penguins merge into pairs for many years.

689.00 zł
Designer: Hanna Orthwein
Designed in: 1959
Catalogue number: 40
Width (mm): 50
Height (mm): 170
Lenght (mm): 90
Color of decoration:
Waiting time: 20 business days

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Every figurine is carefully handmade in the finest quality English porcelain before being decorated again by hand.

The product has a special protection in the form of underglaze and overglaze marks. The products manufactured in our factory have, among others, factory logo on the bottom

Products made in AS Cmielow  Porcelain Manufactory are very well protected against counterfeiting. Thanks to applied characteristic logo, and additional security of the pink seals all products can be easily identified. Special preparation of the porcelain mass – adding of 16 chemical constituents in well-defined, protected secret proportions, allows to obtain the unique color of porcelain.


Each figurine is numbered. The number is composed of three different numbers which mean: catalog number, sequence number of the product produced in a given year, the year of production. 

The figurine comes complete with a certificate of authenticity showing the sculpture number, the year of the original design and the name of the sculptor. 


All products are wrapped in paper / tissue paper and packed in a dedicated, elegant gift box and are ready to be presented as a unique gift perfect for any occasion.


Data sheet

Hanna Orthwein
Designed in
Catalogue number
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Lenght (mm)

Hanna Orthwein

B. 1916 in Warsaw, d. 1968 in Warsaw.

In the years 1935-1937 she studied at the Municipal School of Decorative Arts and Painting in Warsaw, then she attended the Mercere Blanka School of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1937-1939). In the years 1948-1951 she studied at the WSSP in Warsaw (later at the Academy of Fine Arts) in the ceramics workshop of prof. Julia Kotarbińska. In the years 1956-1966 she was a designer at the Ceramics and Glass Institute in Warsaw.

The author of the collection of designs of chamber ceramic sculpture (about 33 models), including: Swan, Penguin pair, Owl, Gibbon.


To make the product more unique, we can place a manual inscription on it.

The text of the inscription should be given in the message to the order  with information about the place on the item.

The inscriptions are handwritten. If you have suggestions that the inscription should be made in a more simple font, or just a couch, please also let us know.

If you are interested in business gifts and would like to personalize more products. we suggest making text or graphics/logo as a decal.








All products are wrapped in special paper wit logo and packed in a dedicated, elegant gift box.


For some figurines we have wooden box. Such packaging is additionally payable and to be carried out on request (you will find that information next to the option of chosen products).

In the case of shipment of the product via the courier, the packed product is additionally placed in the transport packaging.

If any decoration is not available at the moment, please contact us at

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